Social Compliance Policy


The purpose of this procedure is to act with the awareness of social responsibility towards our employees, society and the environment in all our activities with our values, which are the building blocks of our corporate culture, as our basic management understanding.


  • Supports teamwork and collaboration; We encourage to be hardworking, disciplined, meticulous and patient.
  • In all the activities we carry out within the institution and institutionally; We treat our employees honestly and fairly, and do not accept discrimination based on language, race, color, gender, religion, sect, political opinion, age, physical disability and similar reasons.
  • We direct our work with an awareness of sensitivity to environmental issues, as well as legal obligations.
  • With our humane, friendly and humble approach, we encourage our employees to behave towards each other in this direction.
  • In order to create a safe and healthy working environment, we direct all our activities within the scope of our Occupational Health and Safety policy.
  • It provides mechanisms to avoid fraud or unethical behavior and promotes a culture of honesty and accountability.
  • We ensure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion in order to ensure the peace of the work environment and the happy work of our employees.