Sharp and Needle Policy


  • All cutting tools are kept under control with records of identification and receipt and delivery. In addition, all cutting tools are kept under lock and key when not in use.
  • All cutting tools in the production area are fixed to the place of use for safety purposes. New cutting tools are under lock and key, and staff must bring old cutting tools when needed.
  • An unannounced audit is carried out at least once a month in all departments that use cutting tools and are under control with identification report.
  • It is forbidden to use hand tools other than scissors, screwdrivers and one-piece cutting blades suitable for work safety.


  • All sewing needles in the production and model house are kept under lockers and a person responsible for their distribution has been appointed.
  • All parts of the needles broken during use are found and the new needle is delivered after the new needle is delivered in full to receive.
  • While the broken needle is recorded, a record is kept so that all parts of the broken needle are visible.
  • No needles are left on machines that are under maintenance or repair. The Maintenance and Repair department keeps the needles in its own locker.
  • Broken needles are cleaned with magnets at certain intervals in production and in the pattern shop and the results are recorded.


  • Products that can pass through a metal detector are taken to the shipment area.
  • The entrance and exit are kept under control as this zone is free of metal.
  • Records of the products passed through the metal detector are kept.
  • Calibration adjustments of the metal detector are made periodically and the results are recorded.