Quality and Environmental Policy

Our company, which continues its activities in the garment production sector, makes its investments in people, knowledge and technology with an approach that is sensitive to society, institutions, customers, suppliers, employees and the environment. It strives to continue its activities with the zero error principle in quality production, environmental protection practices and occupational safety.

With this belief;

  • To comply with all legislation, customer conditions, legal responsibilities and standards regarding environment, occupational safety, social compliance and quality,
  • Considering the effects of technology and auxiliary factors on quality, environment and occupational safety and taking necessary measures,
  • Providing a common point of view in accordance with quality, environmental and occupational safety requirements at every level of the organization,
  • To provide open and direct communication opportunities to all our employees, suppliers and customers,
  • To provide services by meeting the current and developing quality, environmental and occupational safety requirements of our customers,
  • It aims to continue its activities in mutual trust by considering the common interests of our suppliers and customers,
  • All necessary measures will be taken to protect energy and natural resources,
  • It will always be open to continuous improvement and development of all processes and management systems it applies,
  • To take part in social responsibility projects at every opportunity to set an example with its sensitive attitude towards the environment and society.